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the mysteries of harris burdick

Illustrated - Art, Photography, Architecture

Chris Van Allsburg’s Sleight of Hand

More than 25 years ago, a stranger named Harris Burdick entered the offices of a well-respected children’s book editor named Peter Wenders. Burdick explained that he had written 14 stories,… Read More

antlitz der zeit

Illustrated - Art, Photography, Architecture

Caught in the Act

With photography, as with many trades, it is often beneficial to have been trained in some other medium first. The ability to see things from a different perspective often stimulates… Read More

old tales from the north

Illustrated - Art, Photography, Architecture

Kay Nielsen’s East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Nearly all fairy tales start the same way: Once upon a time.  There are plenty of variations on this theme, of course. Personally, I like: In a time when wishing still… Read More

london bridge Coburn's images of London

Illustrated - Art, Photography, Architecture

The Original Exquisite Sin

These hand-pulled photogravures are simply breathtaking to behold, and I do not say this lightly. There is work in the world of photography that enthralls me, there is work that draws… Read More

in the fairy city

Illustrated - Art, Photography, Architecture

Timlin: The Ship that Sailed to Mars

It is a truth universally acknowledged that people who work in a rare book gallery are nerds. Over time, this nerdiness is inexorably expanded – or exacerbated, depending on your… Read More

japan book set

Illustrated - Art, Photography, Architecture, Travel

Captain Brinkley’s Japan

The Meiji era (1868-1912) was marked by Japan’s opening to the West, to the new Western technology as well as Western ideas of modernization. During this crucial time in the… Read More

Navajo Medicine Man: Nesjaja Hatali

Illustrated - Art, Photography, Architecture, Travel

Three Visionaries of The American West

VISION. Not only the ability to see, but the ability to see far, sight unlimited by society’s blinders and smokescreens. Occasionally, even, to glimpse the future. Gazing westward in the… Read More