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Rare Books 101

Rare Books 101: Caring for Your Rare Books

While collectors worry a great deal about caring for their rare books, the good news is that most rare book maintenance is common sense. Happily, we live in one of… Read More

selection of photography rare books

Rare Books 101

Rare Books as Gifts

Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them. And it’s much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world…. Read More

first page of The first edition, 1893-4, of Beardsley's Morte D'Arthur

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Collecting Camelot: Rare Arthurian Books, Part 2

Someday, I’d like to play King Arthur in a production of Lerner and Loewe’s Camelot. I long ago memorized all of Arthur’s songs and a lot of his dialogue—including the… Read More

King Arthur book cover

Literature, Rare Books 101

Collecting Camelot: Rare Arthurian Books

When I visited Walt Disney World, one thing I really wanted to do was tug at the Sword in the Stone, right next to the Fantasyland carousel. I’d heard the… Read More

person standing in water at New Jersey beach

Rare Books 101

The Personal Library: Beach House

The Jersey Shore was my beach. If you can imagine New Jersey as a woman sitting with her legs crossed, I grew up where the calves are. We chased the… Read More

bauman rare books book case with books

Rare Books 101

The Private Library: The Living Room

We are often asked at Bauman Rare Books if we think there is a future for material books. Answer: Yes! If you build your OWN library. The more people who… Read More

Caxton’s printer's device in facsimile from Reynart the Foxe

Rare Books 101

How English Became English: Caxton to Johnson

Welcome to “Culture Beat,” a new series inspired by current events and exhibitions around New York City. Check out these shows while you’re in town, and then continue the conversation… Read More

Astounding Science Fiction issue from June 1940

Rare Books 101

Collecting Rare Science Fiction: The Golden Age

Isaac Asimov said, “Science fiction stories are extraordinary voyages into any of the infinite supply of conceivable futures.” During the Golden Age of science fiction (sf), roughly the 1930s-1950s, those futures… Read More

A War of the Worlds first edition copy, 1898, presented to Wells' close friend and scientific adviser

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Collecting Rare Science Fiction: Genesis of a Genre

I’ll let you in on a secret. We sell more than rare books. We sell time travel. Sure, scientists will tell you time travel can’t happen. But bibliophiles know better…. Read More

Rare Books 101

The Secret Language of Rare Books: Cosway-Style Bindings

Does the specialized vocabulary of rare book descriptions read like a secret language to you? In this series we will unveil the meanings behind a few of the more unusual and interesting… Read More