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We issue catalogues throughout the year with hundreds of rare books from our extensive inventory. Our expert staff fully describes each item, including full bibliographical references as well as information regarding physical appearance, condition, rarity and historical significance.

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Summer 2014

We have recently released our catalogue for late summer/early fall, a richly illustrated catalogue in a smaller format with 233 items from all fields of interest and in a wide variety of prices.

With sections on Literature; History; Art, Architecture & Photography; Philosophy & Religion; Science, Medicine & Natural History; Travel & Exploration; Americana and Children’s Literature, you are sure to find a choice item or two to add to your library.

May 2014

View the Spring 2014 Catalogue online

Download the Spring 2014 Catalogue (PDF)

March 2014 Catalogue Cover

March 2014

View Fine New Acquisitions 2014 Catalogue online

Download Fine New Acquisitions 2014 Catalogue (PDF)

January 2014

View 85 Great Books 2014 Catalogue Online

Download 85 Great Books 2014 Catalogue (PDF)

November 2013 - Holiday

View the November 2013 Catalogue Online

Download the November 2013 Catalogue (PDF)

150 Great Gifts - 2013 Gift Catalogue

Childhood Favorites, Economics & Finance, Presidents & Leaders, Sports, and Modern  First Editions are especially well-represented. Many of these items are signed by their authors – or, in the case of biographies, by their famous subjects.

View the 2013 Gft Catalogue Online

Download our 2013 Gift Catalogue (PDF)


September 2013 - Autumn

View the September 2013 Catalogue Online

Download the September 2013 Catalogue (PDF)


August 2013 - Exceptional New Acquisitions

View the August 2013 Catalogue Online

Download the August 2013 Catalogue (PDF)


July 2013 - Our catalogue for July features 220 items in a wide variety of fields, featuring a number of new acquisitions of titles that have not appeared in our catalogues in quite some time.

View the July 2013 Catalogue Online

Download the July 2013 Catalogue (PDF)


June 2013 - Our current catalogue features a number of highspots in Americana, travel, literature and history. 

View the June 2013 Catalogue Online

Download the June 2013 Catalogue (PDF)


Father's Day 2013 - Make this Father’s Day especially memorable by giving a fine first edition of a favorite title, a rare book celebrating a beloved pastime, or a one-of-a-kind item signed by a personal hero.

Download the Father's Day Catalogue (PDF)

View the Father's Day Catalogue Online


April 2013 - Our catalogue for Spring consists almost entirely of new acquisitions. We are especially pleased to feature a rare first edition of Galileo’s Dialogo, his famous defense of the Copernican system and arguably one of the most controversial books ever printed, which remained on the index of prohibited books for nearly 200 years.

View the April 2013 Catalogue Online

Download the April 2013 Catalogue (PDF)

January 2013 - We’re kicking off the new year with a fantastic collection of 85 great books—works of importance, rarity, provenance, and beauty. 
Every book has its own history, every document its own story. We are pleased to offer this selection of great books and documents, and hope that you find them every bit as fascinating—every bit as great—as we do.  
Download the January 2013 Catalogue (PDF)