Accessibility Information

Statement Modified 5/5/2023

Bauman Rare Books is committed to providing individuals with disabilities access to goods and services available on our website.

We strive to maintain our Website in conformance with generally recognized an accepted guidelines and standards for website accessibility. While these guidelines may change over time, we currently review the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Accesibility Guidelines 2.0 at Level AA ("WCAG 2.0 AA")

We have been working with User1st, an experienced accessibility consultancy and website accessibility solutions provider, and as such Bauman Rare Books is taking the necessary steps to ensure our Website achieves significant conformance with WCAG 2.0 AA. User1st provides tools that enables the Website to meet standards and works with assistive technology applications and Web browsers. User1st also provides extensive ongoing analysis to ensure compliance and Bauman Rare Books is continually updating to achieve compatibility. To activate the User1st overlay, press your Tab button.

We welcome inquiries and suggestions to help improve our website accessibility to help serve all of our visitors better. Let us know if you are experiencing any specific issues that we can help resolve by contacting us at 
[email protected] or call (215) 546-6466 and a representative will be available to help you.