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The Weird and The Wonderful:
Romeyn Hough’s American Woods

Romeyn Hough’s plan was ambitious: a 15-volume set featuring veneers from every American tree (or, as even his prospectus admitted, “at least the most important”)… Read more

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Greater than Gatsby? Why Tender is the Night might be Fitzgerald’s “intended masterpiece.”

The sick and tired adages regarding the relationship between art and the artist are rarely more evident and appropriate than in the curious case of F. Scott Fitzgerald and his… Read More

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The Writer, the Painter, and the Department Store Tycoon

In 1929, George Macy (of department store fame) founded the Limited Editions Club press for the purpose of publishing beautiful livres d’artiste.  Artist’s books, which became especially popular in the… Read More

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The Private Library: The Living Room

We are often asked at Bauman Rare Books if we think there is a future for material books. Answer: Yes! If you build your OWN library. The more people who… Read More

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How English Became English: Caxton to Johnson

Welcome to “Culture Beat,” a new series inspired by current events and exhibitions around New York City. Check out these shows while you’re in town, and then continue the conversation… Read More

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Collecting Rare Science Fiction: The Modern Age

During the Golden Age of science fiction (or “sf”), the genre set it sights on exploring starry frontiers and seemingly infinitely expanding futures. But when the atomic bomb brought World… Read More

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Collecting Rare Science Fiction: The Golden Age

Isaac Asimov said, “Science fiction stories are extraordinary voyages into any of the infinite supply of conceivable futures.” During the Golden Age of science fiction (sf), roughly the 1930s-1950s, those futures… Read More

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Collecting Rare Science Fiction: Genesis of a Genre

I’ll let you in on a secret. We sell more than rare books.   We sell time travel.   Sure, scientists will tell you time travel can’t happen. But bibliophiles… Read More

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Babbitt: The Single Book that Explains American Life

In the midst of a stultified seminar, a somewhat exasperated professor posited the following question to me and my weary-eyed cohorts. “If you had to pick a single book to… Read More

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Illustrating the Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare by John Boydell

Watch a short film narrated by Laura Minor on the 1803 elephant folio issue of this work, which features key scenes from the plays created by the most eminent English… Read More

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The Secret Language of Rare Books: Cosway-Style Bindings

Does the specialized vocabulary of rare book descriptions read like a secret language to you? In this series we will unveil the meanings behind a few of the more unusual and interesting… Read More