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Lewis and Clark’s Account of their Expedition

In the decade following the winning of independence, there were four American plans to explore the West.  President Thomas Jefferson was the instigator of three of them. Perhaps the most… Read More

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An Artist Finds His Calling: The Story of George Catlin, the “First Artist of the West”

No artist, in the period before photography, traveled more widely among as many different tribes or made as many portraits and scenes of Indians from life. –Robert J. Moore on… Read More


The Story Behind Richard F. Burton’s Pilgrimage to Medina and Mecca

In the spring of 1853, noted linguist and explorer Richard Francis Burton started his most famous and important journey. Burton undertook the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, a trip… Read More

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Indian Tribes of North America by Thomas McKenney and James Hall

Thomas McKenney, Superintendent of Indian Affairs under presidents Madison, Monroe, Adams, and Jackson, sought to create an archive that would preserve the American Indian heritage and traditions of the time…. Read More


Zebulon Pike: Account of Expeditions

In 1806, as Lewis and Clark were wending their way homeward, the Governor of the Louisiana Territory, James Wilkinson, summoned his protégé Zebulon Pike to his office. Captain Pike had proven… Read More

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Captain Brinkley’s Japan

The Meiji era (1868-1912) was marked by Japan’s opening to the West, to the new Western technology as well as Western ideas of modernization. During this crucial time in the… Read More

Navajo Medicine Man: Nesjaja Hatali

Illustrated - Art, Photography, Architecture, Travel

Three Visionaries of The American West

VISION. Not only the ability to see, but the ability to see far, sight unlimited by society’s blinders and smokescreens. Occasionally, even, to glimpse the future. Gazing westward in the… Read More