Original large ink and watercolor drawing inscribed

Charles M. SCHULZ

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SCHULZ, Charles M. Original large ink and watercolor drawing inscribed. No place, no date. One sheet, measuring 9 by 12 inches; handsomely matted and framed, entire piece measures 15 by 18-1/2 inches. $7800.

Original large ink and watercolor drawing of Snoopy laying on top of his doghouse in the sun, inscribed "For John Lebor with every best wish—Charles M. Schulz."

Schulz was the most widely syndicated cartoonist in history, with his work appearing in over 2300 newspapers, and Snoopy is one of his most beloved creations. "Snoopy may be shallow in his way, but he's also deep, and in the end deeply alone, as deeply alone as Charlie Brown is. Grand though his flights are, many of them end with his realizing that he's tired and cold and lonely and that it's suppertime. As Schulz noted on The Today Show when he announced his retirement, in December 1999: 'Snoopy likes to think that he's this independent dog who does all of these things and leads his own life, but he always makes sure that he never gets too far from that supper dish.' He has animal needs, and he knows it, which makes him, in a word, human" (The Atlantic).

Fine condition.

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