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QUEEN VICTORIA. Partly printed document signed. Buckingham Palace: : January 8, 1839. One page, measuring 7-1/2 by 12 inches, printed and finished by hand on the recto. $1250.

Document signed by Queen Victoria, granting half pay to a soldier for three months.

Partially printed and finished by hand and signed at the top by "Victoria R[egina]," the document reads in full: "Our Will and Pleasure is, and We do hereby authorize direct, that out of such Monies as are in, or shall come to your hands for the Half Pay and Allowances to the Reduced Officers of Our Land Forces in Our United Kingdom, you do pay unto William Briggs the sum of seven shillings a day for his Half Pay as a Reduced Captain Unattached from the 28th December 1838 to the 31st March 1839, inclusive, upon the same Declaration or Certificates that are required in the case of other Reduced Officers on Half Pay, and for so doing, this, with the Acquittance of the said William Briggs or of his Assign, together with the said Declarations or Certificates, shall be your Warrant and Discharge. Given at Our Court at Buckingham Palace this 8th day of January 1839, in the second Year of Our Reign. By Her Majesty’s Command. To the Right Honorable The Paymaster General." Signed in the lower right hand "Howick," by Henry Grey, Viscount Howick and Secretary of War. Small label "Victoria, Queen of Gr. Britain" along lower edge.

A few fold lines. Suitable for framing.

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