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PICASSO, Pablo. Etching ["Pour Roby"]. No place, circa 1950. Etching, measuring 10-1/4 by 13-1/2 inches; framed, entire piece measures 12 by 15 inches. $1100.

Lovely original, authenticated etching by Picasso of his friend, Robert Godet, first used in Godet's book, L'Age de Soleil, and subsequently restruck separately for collectors, with certificate of authentication.

Picasso originally drew this loose, casual portrait for his friend, author Robert Godet, also known as Roby. He later etched the portrait onto a printing plate so that Roby could include the print in his acclaimed book, L'Age de Soleil. As he chose to replicate the drawing exactly, both the artist's signature and the title of the piece are reversed in the print. After L'Age de Soliel was published, Picasso gave the printing plate to Roby with permission to print further editions. This decision was unusual. Generally, valuable etchings are released in a limited edition with each original etching signed and numbered by the artist. After the limitation is complete, the plate is usually defaced (crossed out) and thus rendered cancelled. Thus, any subsequent etchings printed would bear the strikeout mark. Because Picasso gave the plate to Roby, the plate for "Pour Roby" was never cancelled. Instead, without limitation or artist signature, Roby was free to print an unknown number of restrike etchings. They are identifiable by the plate marks and the deluxe arches paper on which they are printed. Certificate of authentication from Société de Vérification de la Gravure Internationale of New York and Paris.

Fine condition.

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