Relacion Historica del Auto General de Fe


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(JUDAICA—INQUISITION) OLMO, Jose del. Relación Histórica del Auto General de Fe que se celebró en Madrid este año 1680. Con asistencia del Rey N. S. Carlos II… Va inserta la estampa de toda la perspectiva del teatro, plaza y balcones… [Historical Report of the General Auto da Fe which was celebrated in Madrid this year of 1680 attended by King Charles II]. [Madrid]: Roque Rico de Miranda, 1680. Quarto, contemporary limp vellum, vellum ties; pp. [15], 308. $2200.

First edition of this account of a public auto da fe of the Spanish Inquisition in Madrid in 1680, containing the names of nearly 100 men and women accused of “Judaizing.” With engraved frontispiece and a large folding engraving giving a detailed perspective of the auto da fe in progress, including the plaza, balconies, guards and prisoners.

In this ceremony, penitents were "reconciled" to the church, or handed over to the secular authorities for punishment. The 118 accused are named and their crimes detailed on pages 189-263; the crimes include charges of bigamy, pretending to be a priest, and "judaizante," or secret Judaism, the last of these being one of the chief concerns of the Inquisition. Of the 118 accused at this auto da fe, nearly 100 were charged as "judaizantes"; of these a number were charged "en estatua," i.e., a statue was dressed in coroza and sambenito (penitential cap and robe) with a plaque bearing the person's name to represent either a fugitive or a prisoner who had died in the "secret prison of the Inquisition." Punishments meted out at this particular auto da fe included confiscation of goods, public flogging, public humiliation, exile, perpetual prison, and five years of rowing in the Navy without pay.

The author was a public official whose duties included Familiar of the Inquisition and furriela (royal key-bearer). The site of the ceremony is described in detail (pp. 20-45) and is followed by a passage listing the Familiares of the inquisition and their privileges (pp. 51-61; familiar was a prestige post, held by men who had to be certified free of Jewish or Moorish blood before appointment). A list of the Grandees and Distinguished Persons of Spain (pp. 70-81) in attendance is followed by a description of the procession and route (pp. 82-116). The proceedings and seating arrangements are given (pp. 123-45), followed by the folding engraved plate, keyed with numbers to identify participants, prisoners, guards and spectators. Text in Spanish. The engraved folding plate in this copy has been inserted from the 1820 reprint of this edition, as is often the case. Palau 201026. Salva 3959.

Closed tear along one fold of plate. Inner hinge split but attractive contemporary vellum binding sound. A desirable copy.

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