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(MALCOLM X) HALEY, Alex. Carbon typescript signed. No place, circa 1962. Single sheet of white carbon paper, measuring 8-1/2 by 11 inches. $5500.

Rare carbon typescript page with Alex Haley's transcription of a 1962 Playboy interview with Malcolm X, sent to Malcolm X for his review, signed in the bottom margin as confirmation of the interview's accuracy by Malcolm X.

"In 1962 Playboy hired Haley to produce a series of interviews with prominent African Americans: Miles Davis, Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali), Jim Brown, Sammy Davis, Jr., Quincy Jones, Leontyne Price, and Malcolm X. The last interview was the genesis of Haley's first important book, The Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965)" (ANB). This carbon typescript is a transcript of a page of interview notes Haley took during the process of writing the Playboy piece. Haley and Malcolm X met for the interview in a Harlem restaurant owned by Black Muslims. Haley was over a decade from writing Roots, but had achieved modest success as a freelance writer. The interview touches on issues such as Malcolm X's principle ambitions ("freedom, justice and equality" and "to faithfully serve and follow The Honorable Elijah Muhammad") and the techniques employed to achieve his ambitions (self-knowledge, purifying, and "love for our own kind… to improve the economy of the black man"). In order to ensure that he had properly quoted Malcolm X, he sent him his notes from the interview for review. Malcolm X signed this page to confirm the accuracy of the transcription. Playboy eventually published the interview in May 1963, in the "the belief that knowledge and awareness are necessary and effective antitoxins against the venom of hate."

Slightest creasing and very faint paper clip mark. Very nearly fine condition.

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