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KEYNES, John Maynard. Two typed letters signed. London, January 5, 1931/November 24, 1936. Two sheets of stationery, one measuring 4-1/2 by 7 inches, the other 7 by 9 inches, typing on recto. $1350.

Two typed letters signed by John Maynard Keynes, one with a 38-word autograph postscript.

Both letters are on Keynes' letterhead from his house at 46 Gordon Square in Bloomsbury. The first letter reads in its entirety: "5th January, 1931. My dear Montagu, It is very unlucky that the Habima Players are not doing either 'They Dybbuk' or 'The Crown of David' in this second week. So I shall have to wait for another time. Lydia, however, having discovered this, hurried round to see 'The Dybbuk' at the Saturday matinee, and was enthralled by it. She thought it one of the best things she had ever seen. Yours sincerely, [signed] JM Keynes. [autograph postscript] I have just got your letter with the revised programme, for which many thanks. I doubt, all the same, if I shall be able to manage the Dybbuk—though I shall make an effort to go this Friday." The second letter, dated November 24, 1936 and addressed to a Mrs Jones, reads: "Dear Mrs Jones, Many thanks for the information you have sent me, which was just what I wanted. I will bring this before the meeting of the Directors next year, and you may assume that the pension will continue in the meantime. I hope that we shall be able to go on until Hugh is 21. Yours sincerely, [signed] J.M. Keynes." Keynes was a life-long devotee of theater and ballet, as reflected in the first letter. The Habima Players, still in existence, is a Yiddish- and Hebrew-language theater group that originated in Russia. In the late 1920s they relocated permanently to Tel Aviv, but often toured. Keynes' wife, Lydia Lopokova, was a Russian ballerina and actress who came from a family deeply involved in the arts in early 20th-century Russia.

Small stain to second letter. Nearly fine condition.

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