Original Dow Jones News Ticker teletype reports of the Kennedy assassination


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(KENNEDY ASSASSINATION). Original Dow Jones News Ticker teletype reports of the Kennedy assassination. Dallas: Dow Jones, November 22-23, 1963. Dow Jones News Ticker teletype printed in blue ink on transparent cellophane, 10 sheets, each 5-3/4 inches wide of varying lengths, cut from one 5-3/4-inch wide roll of cellophane teletype, approximately 35 feet in length. Housed in a custom clamshell box. $7500.

Rare original Dow Jones News Ticker teletype reporting the events of November 22nd from his assassination to the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald—on transparent cellophane used to project the news on large screens on the floors of the Stock Exchanges as well as in stock broker offices.

These historic sheets recount the events of the Kennedy assassination, as they are occurring. The Dow Jones News Ticker was printed on two types of machines, hard copies and transparent cellophane for projection machines. While hard copies of AP, UPI, and Dow Jones teletype have been on the market before, this is one of the only transparent cellophane copies we have ever seen, used to project the news on large screens for stock brokers in large offices and on the floors of the Exchanges. Dow Jones Wall Street news (not quoted below) is interspersed with Associated Press news about the President.

Excerpts (the teletype begins just as it was announced that Kennedy was shot; some words missing from the first few lines are provided in brackets):

“[President Kennedy Shot Dallas AP- President Kennedy was shot to day just as his motorcade left downtown Dallas–Mrs Kennedy jumped up and grabbed Mr Kennedy–She cried Oh No–The motorcade sped AP photographer James W Altgens said he saw blood on the President-s head Altgens said he heard two shots but thought someone was shooting] fireworks until he saw [the blood on the Pres]ident [Altgens said he] saw no one with a gun [AP reporter] Jack Bell asked Kenneth O-Donnell [Presidentia]l Assistant if Kennedy was [dead]–O-Donnell gave no answer [Kennedy] was reported taken to Parland Hospital near the Dallas Trade Mart where he was to have made a speech Bell said Kennedy was transferred to an ambulance He lay on a seat of the car Bell reported three shots were fired as the motorcade entered the triple underpass which leads to the Stemmons Freeway route to Parkland Hospital Pandemonium broke loose around the scene The Secret Service waved the motorcade on at top speed to the hospital Even at high speed it took nearly five minutes to get the car to the ambulance entrance of the hospital -v- Gov John B Connally of Texas also was cut-down by bullets The President was slumped over in the backseat of the car face down Connally lay on hte floor of the rear seat It was impossible to tell at once where Kennedy was hit but bullet wounds in Connally-s chest were plainly visible in-r dic were plainly visible indicating the gunfire might possibly have come from an automatic weapon…”

“Rep Albert Thomas D-Tex said he was informed President Kennedy and Gov John Connally of Texas were both still alive…”

“When the President was taken into the Emergency Room a call was sent out immediately for some of the top surgical specialists in Dallas A call was also sent for a Roman Catholic priest Congressman Jim Wright of Fort Worth said both Kennedy and Connally were seriously wounded but were alive…”

“Mrs. Kennedy apparently was safe Mrs Connally also was safe it appeared both women were stunned Kennedy according to a member of his staff was still alive at 12 55 PM CST Two Roman Catholic priests were summoned to the Emergency Room where the President lay Malcolm Kilduff acting White House Press Secretary said that the two priests had been asked for…”

“President Kennedy was given blood transfusions at Parkland Hospital in an effort to save his life…”

“An assistant to Gov Connally said he talked to the Governor in the hospital operating room He said the Governor was shot just below the shoulder blade in the back. He asked Connally how it happened and the Governor said I don-t know I guess from the back They got the President too…”

“Mrs Lyndon Johnson said after a visit to the emergency operating room today the Vice President is fine She was taken back into another first floor room where Johnson had originally gone Asked if her husband also had been wounded she shook her head negatively Secret Service men pushed reporters away and permitted no more questions…”

“Director J Edgar Hoover of the FBI telephoned the Dallas FBI Office and ordered an all-out investigation of the attempt today on the lives of President Kennedy and Gov John Connally of Texas…”

“A Father Huber of Holy Trinity Church in Dallas administered the last sacrament of the Church to the President shortly before 1 P M CST…”

“Dallas AP Police immediately spread a dragnet around the city searching for the would-be assassin…”

“Two priests who were with Kennedy say he is dead of bullet wounds…”

“Government sources said today that President Kennedy is dead…”

“The F B I began a search for a white man about 30 years of age of slender build and weighing about I65 pounds He is believed to be the gunman Police believed he had fired on the presidential party with a 30-30 rifle…”

“Kennedy 46 lived about an hour after a sniper cut him down as his limousine left downtown Dallas. Automatically the mantle of the presidency fell to Vice President Lyndon B Johnson who had been riding two cars behind the Chief Executive … Johnson was whisked away by Secret Servicemen his whereabouts were being kept secret The President was shot once in the head Connally was struck in the head and wrist Police found a foreign-make rifle Sherriff-s officers were questioning a young an picked up at the scene…”

“The new President Lyndon Johnson and his wife left the hospital a half hour after Kennedy died Newsmen had no opportunity to question them…”

“Sen Yarborough said he counted three rifle shits as the presidential limousine left downtown Dallas through a triple underpass One witness said he saw a gun emerge from an upper story of a warehouse commanding an unobstructed view of the presidential car…”

“Washn AP The Senate adjourned until Noon Monday after a prayer by its chaplain for President Kennedy killed in Dallas Tex The House was not in session the President-s younger brother Sen Edward M Kennedy D-Mass was presiding over the Senate when he received word of the shooting He went to his office but left there almost immediately His staff said they do not know where he had gone Atty Gen Robert F Kennedy the President-s other brother and closest adviser was having lunch at home when word of his brother-s shooting reached him…”

“Lt Erich Kaminski of the Secret Service Bureau said the assassin-s weapon appears to have been a high-powered army of Japanese rifle of about 25 caliberr-–the rifle had a scope on it he said The entire building where the sniper was located was evacuated people were working in the building at the time of the shooting Dallas Police inspector J H sawyer said Police found the remains of fried chicken and paper on the fifth floor apparently the person had been there quite awhile…”

“Kennedy-s body was removed from Parkland Hospital st 2 05 P M CST in a cream colored ambulance with curtains tightly drawn Mrs Kennedy rode in a passengers seat in the ambulance–- a type of vehicle with two seats for passengers She and the body were escorted from the emergency entrance of Parkland by two motorcycle officers…”

“The Dallas Sheriff-s Department said a rifle had been found in a staircase on the fifth floor of a building near the scene of the assassination it was a 7 65 Mauser -= the German-made Army rifle had a telescopic sight with one shell left in the chamber Three spent shells were found nearby…”

“Dallas UPI Mr Johnson became the 36th President of the U S at 2 39 PM Central Standard time The Plane marked Air Force I was still parked where it landed to bring President Kennedy to Dallas this morning…”

“Present at the swearing-in were Mrs Kennedy and Mrs Johnson several staff members and several congressmen Johnson asked as many of the White House people as possible to crowd into the Executive Suite of the plane to witness the ceremony…”

“The Dallas Police Department today arrested a 24-year-old man Lee H Oswald in connection with the slaying of a Dallas policeman shortly after President Kennedy was assassinated. He was also being interrogated to see if he had any connection with the slaying of the President Oswald was pulled screaming and yelling from the Texas Theater in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas He brandished a pistol which officers took away from him after a scuffle Police had to hold back crowds that quickly congregated because many apparently connected the arrested man with the slaying of the President”

Oswald’s grand jury hearing and trial never took place, of course, as he was shot and killed by Jack Ruby at 11:21am, November 24th, less than one day after the final scroll ends, and almost exactly 48 hours after the death of President Kennedy. These scarce and important documents tell the bare facts of the uncertain, frenzied few days that were a pivotal turning point in American history, as they unfold in real-time, without reflections based on time, speculations, and interpretations, and are therefore vital snapshots in time. All text in uppercase. Typos not corrected. A dash is used in the teletype in place of an apostrophe (e.g. Goldwater-s). There are no punctuation marks.

Tear with loss to first five inches; occasional wear to edges, generally not affecting text. A fragile and rare document of American history.

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