In Nome del Signore Iddio [Ferrara Taxation regulations]


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(JUDAICA). In Nome del Signore Iddio: Regole della Tasse della Nationè Hebrea di Ferrara, Adi 14 Maggio 1702 [regulations concerning communal taxation]. Ferrara: Stampa. Camerale, 1702. Broadside (measures 17 by 22 inches), printed on recto. Handsomely framed. $3500.

Handsome framed broadside giving 12 regulations concerning taxes imposed on Jews by the Jewish community in order to meet the community’s financial obligations to the state.

The Jewish community of Ferrara began to organize its financial obligations towards the Duchy of the Principality through the levying of internal taxes from the beginning of the 16th century. Tax regulations were published until the end of the 18th century and chart the economic changes of Ferrara Jewry and the kinds of property and income that were taxable. It is striking that the Statutes are enforced by the threat of excommunication against those not contributing their dues. Also of note is the active involvement of the Community rabbis in upholding the tax structure. Large woodcut armorial device; woodcut initial. Text in Italian and Hebrew.

Fine condition. A handsome framed piece.

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