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HARDING, Warren G. Card signed. No place, no date. Card with engraved illustration, measuring 6-1/2 by 4 inches. $2500.

Lovely card featuring an engraved illustration of the White House in early spring, boldly signed by Warren G. Harding.

The first U.S. Senator to be elected president, Warren G. Harding saw the presidency as a largely ceremonial role. "His election, predicated on a pledge to return the nation to 'normalcy,' ushered in a period of conservative Republicanism designed to slow the momentum of progressive legislation… Warren Harding took office promising to undo many of the progressive policies of Woodrow Wilson's administration. Ushering in an era of conservative Republicanism, Harding wasted little time in cutting taxes on higher incomes and raising tariff rates. However, charges of patronage and wrongdoing sidetracked the president's agenda early in his administration. The accusations later proved to be true" ("American Experience," PBS). As a result of these scandals and his death while in office—which prevented him from reframing his presidency through autobiography—Harding is often remembered as one of America's worst presidents. Recent revisionist scholarship has elevated him slightly, with at least one historian, Robert K. Murray, assessing him as ""certainly the equal of a Franklin Pierce, an Andrew Johnson, a Benjamin Harrison, or even a Calvin Coolidge."

Tape residue to verso, only slightest soiling to edges. A very nearly fine presidential item, boldly signed.

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