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GALSWORTHY, John. Collection of first editions. London (and Edinburgh and New York): various, 1897-1933. Thirty-six volumes. Mostly octavo, original cloth. $4800.

A collection of first editions of John Galsworthy's novels and short stories, including two signed copies, one signed/limited edition, and one with a presentation slip in Galsworthy's hand tipped in, a number of which are in the rare original dust jackets.

Best known in his own life as a playwright, Galsworthy is now most famous for his novels after the television adaptations done of the Forsyte Saga in the 1960s. His published under the name John Sinjohn until after 1904, shortly after his father's death. Shortly before his own death in 1933 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.

This collection includes:

From the Four Winds. London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1897. In chemise.

Jocelyn. London: Duckworth, 1898. In chemise and slipcase.

Villa Rebein. London: Duckworth, 1900. In chemise and slipcase, with remnant of dust jacket, Hersholt and Terry bookmarks.

A Man of Devon. Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1901. In chemise and slipcase.

The Man of Property. London: Heinemann, 1906.

The Country House. London: Heinemann, 1907. Signed.

Commentary. London: Grant Richards, 1908.

Fraternity. London: Heinemann, 1909.

A Motley. London: Heinemann, 1910.

The Patrician. London: Heinemann, 1911. With autograph presentation slip tipped in. With Hogan bookplate.

The Inn of Tranquility. London: Heinemann, 1912.

Dark Flower. London: Heinemann, 1913.

The Freelands. London: Heinemann, 1915. .

The Little Man and Other Satires. London: Heinemann, 1915. In dust jacket.

Beyond. London: Heinemann, 1917.

Five Tales. London: Heinemann, 1918.

Saint's Progress. London: Heinemann, 1919. In dust jacket.

Tatterdemalion. London: Heinemann, 1920.

Awakening. London: Heinemann, 1920. Quarto, in dust jacket.

In Chancery. London: Heinemann, 1920.

In Chancery. New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1920.

To Let. London: Heinemann, 1921.

Forsyte Saga. London: Heinemann, 1922. Inscribed and signed. In chemise and slipcase.

Captures. London: Heinemann, 1923. In dust jacket.

The White Monkey. London: Heinemann, 1924. In dust jacket.

Caravan. London: Heinemann, 1925.

Silver Spoon. London: Heinemann, 1926. In dust jacket.

Two Forsyte Interludes. London: Heinemann, 1927. Original self wrappers and dust jacket.

Swan Song. London: Heinemann, 1928. In dust jacket.

A Modern Comedy. London: Heinemann, 1929.

On Forsyte 'Change. London: Heinemann, 1930.

Soames and the Flag. London: Heinemann, 1930. Signed/limited in slipcase.

Maid in Waiting. London: Heinemann, 1931. In dust jacket.

Flowering Wilderness. London: Heinemann, 1932. In dust jacket.

Flowering Wilderness. London: Heinemann, 1932.

Over the River. London: Heinemann, 1933.

An impressive collection of first editions, spanning almost 40 years of Galsworthy's career.

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