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(CHAGALL, Marc). Derriere le Miroir, No. 198. Mai 1972. Paris: Aimé Maeght, 1972. Large slim folio (11 by 15 inches), contents loose as issued in original lithographic wrappers. $2800.

First edition of this lavish production, with three original Chagall color lithographs, including the front wrapper and a double-page lithogrpah, boldly inscribed by Chagall on the first page of text to a friend and fellow Russian Jewish emigré, "Pour M. Liverant. Marc Chagall 1975."

Each issue of Maeght's Derrière le Miroir was a lavish exhibition catalogue, illustrated with original lithographs. Aimé and Marguerite Maeght delighted in featuring the work of contemporary artists and employing the best printing-houses in Paris, especially Mourlot, who printed the engravings for this issue. "When the shores of our time have receded too far for anyone to remember, there may well be young people who will find in Derrière le Miroir the chart of several decades— but along the border where art and poetry meet" (François Chapon). All the major 20th-century artists have been represented in the Derrière le Miroir, including Léger, Miro, Braque, Matisse, Giacometti, Calder, and, of course, Chagall. Text in French. Cramer 91. Inscribed to Joseph Liverant, a fellow Russian Jewish emigré and good friend of Chagall. Liverant and Chagall both fled Europe in World War II, Liverant to Canada and Chagall to the United States. After the war, both acquired residences in Provence, where shared social circles, similar ages, and a mutual love of Yiddish combined to forge a lasting bond of friendship between the two.

Fine condition.

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