The Story of Howl by Allen Ginsberg

  • Mar 25, 2015

In this short film Las Vegas bookseller Embry Clark recounts the daring and controversy behind the 1956 publication of Howl by Allen Ginsberg, and the start of the Beat movement.





Sean Samuels

Sean is a bookseller in the Las Vegas gallery. Originally from the UK, he has a degree in English from the University of Bristol and an interest in photography. He has served as the US Editor for Hungry Eye Magazine, the Deputy Editor for Photography Monthly Magazine, and as a Script Editor for the BBC. When not selling books, he enjoys watching films and exploring the US backcountry and is a volunteer with Red Rock Search and Rescue in Las Vegas.

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One Response to “The Story of Howl by Allen Ginsberg”

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    Jerry Yanoff says:

    I am fortunate to own a 6th printing which I got in 1958 and later got signed by Ginsberg in 1988.