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Detail face image from the Copper engraving from the expanded second edition of Hanmer's illustrated Works of Shakespeare

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The Illustrative Processes: Etching

Etching falls under the intaglio and engraving category of printmaking, where the printing press applies great force to push ink into lines. Though an etching is an engraving, not all… Read More

Engraving from The Works of William Hogarth, 1802

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The Illustrative Processes: Engraving

Engraving has suffered from an identity crisis, perhaps born from its ubiquity. Humans have used engraving as a tool for expression in every era and every place, from prehistoric cave… Read More

The Las Vegas gallery of Bauman Rare Books

Rare Books 101

Rare Books 101: Caring for Your Rare Books

While collectors worry a great deal about caring for their rare books, the good news is that most rare book maintenance is common sense. Happily, we live in one of… Read More

silver and ivory hornbook

Rare Books

The Weird and The Wonderful:
The Silver and Ivory Hornbook

This week, “The Weird and the Wonderful” is taking a look at one of my favorite Bauman items: our ivory and silver hornbook. While most hornbooks were educational devices–functional, utilitarian–this… Read More

cowles atlas

Rare Books

Preserving Rare Books: Paper Repair and Reinforcement

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, books have it rough. The price of reading–no matter how careful you are–is a certain amount of wear and tear. It’s no wonder… Read More