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Our miniseries are:

Forgotten Founding Fathers by Lisa Gold

The Unexpected by Angel Webster 

Modern American Literature: One Bookseller’s Obsession by Eric Pedersen

American Ephemera by Lisa Gold

The Best Illustrated Books You’ve Never Heard Of by Embry Clark

Legends of Photography by Sean Samuels


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3 Responses to “About Our Blog”

  • Alvie says:

    Please remember us college students and blog about your university days, when you were learning about English Lit.

    • Sean Samuels says:

      Thanks for the note Alvie, we will keep it in mind.

  • Rudolf Zaras says:

    I gradually saw the internet kill the reference book market. I used to own several sets of different encyclopedias, a mass of lexicons, and other reference material. But now with the internet I got rid of most all of them. Just with this Android phone in the palm of my hand, I hold all the world’s libraries in the play of my fingers. How tragic for the book yet how incredible for knowledge. Can anyone share any professional opinion concerning the internet vs the book?