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FISHER, Edwin, GERBERG, Mort and WOLIN, Ron, eds. The Art in Cartooning. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, (1975). Quarto, original black cloth, original dust jacket.

First edition of this celebration of American cartooning, seldom found inscribed with original sketches by its contributors. This copy boasts large, satirical original art by notable magazine cartoonists Whitney Darrow, Jr., Gahan Wilson, Marvin Tannenberg, S. Gross, Lou Myers, Donald Reilly and Rowland B. Wilson. Additionally inscribed on the title page by one of the editors, "Enjoy! Ron Wolin."

Celebrating the work of American cartoonists from the late 19th century through 1975, The Art in Cartooning collects over 300 examples of the form at its finest, drawn from the pages of The New Yorker and other magazines. Artists represented include Charles Addams, Peter Arno, Gahan Wilson, James Thurber, Rube Goldberg and many more. Includes eight color plates. The seven cartoonists who have inscribed this copy with original work—all of it apparently concerned with international diplomacy and prospects for peace in the Middle East—are all represented in its pages; several are best known for their distinctive work in The New Yorker. On the front pastedown, Whitney Darrow, Jr. has sketched a man riding a camel writing the words "For May" on the trunk of a palm tree; the words "Best wishes from" appear above another, smaller figure, with Darrow's dated signature beneath. Below Darrow's sketch, Gahan Wilson has drawn a man in Arabic dress preparing to dine on a dead dove of peace. On the recto of the front free endpaper, Marvin Tannenberg has sketched a lanky protestor whose placard reads, "The UN Cafeteria Makes Terrible Coffee!" S. Gross contributed a morose dove who is thinking, "There's sand on my olive branch." Lou Myers added a trio of caricatured sheiks chasing a woman dressed in garb befitting an Imperial British jungle explorer; Myers' caption reads, "Good luck, May." On the recto of the front free endpaper, Donald Reilly sketches one woman dressed in desert robes telling another, "We sure are lucky to live in Abu Dhabi." Finally, on the half title, Rowland B. Wilson has drawn Eve literally kicking Adam out of the Garden of Eden as the serpent looks on; Adam laments, "What this world needs is some kind of world organization for peace."

Interior with edges lightly toned. Minor abrasion to front board. Dust jacket lightly toned with small abrasion to front panel, light crease to rear flap. A near-fine inscribed copy of a book frequently found signed by some of its contributors, but rarely found with examples, let alone such wonderful ones, of their original work.

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