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WRIGHT, Frank Lloyd. Architectural drawing inscribed. No place, circa 1955. One sheet of paper, 23 by 34 inches, with text and drawing on the recto in colored pencil.

Original architectural drawing for the Louis B. Fredrick house, one of the last houses designed by Wright, signed by him in his trademark red square in the left corner and additionally inscribed "A nice little home. FLW" in pencil by Wright.

Although Frank Lloyd Wright devoted much of the last decade of his life to work on the Guggenheim museum, his firm continued to design houses for individuals, with Wright being extensively involved in the process. Wright "kept up his phenomenal rush of ideas. At the Taliesins, he was often up at four in the morning, long before the apprentices. He worked quickly, with that uncanny ability to visualize everything on a flat sheet. He drew plans, elevations, and sections in different pencil colors, overlapping one another on the same sheet, to be redrawn on separate sheets by his apprentices. One morning he called 'the boys' together as they entered the drafting room to redraw the dozens of individual sheets from his drawings; he had completed three separate designs that morning" (Adkins, Up Close: Frank Lloyd Wright, 279-80). The Louis B. Fredrick House, completed in 1958 in Barrington Hills, Illinois, about 40 miles outside of Chicago, still exists as a private dwelling. "The Fredrick house commands the top of a hill, nestling just below the crest. The roof line, instead of angling outward as it rises, recedes, to admit light to the living room oriented to the north…The plan is a derivation from, 'improvement on' by Wright's standards, the unbuilt project for George Dlesk in Manistee, Michigan" (Storrer, The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright: A Complete Catalog S376).

Marginal tape repair to verso, a few tiny marginal holes not affecting image. Image bright and fine.

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