Manuscript Page from George Sand's Mauprat

George SAND

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Manuscript Page from George Sand's Mauprat


SAND, George. Manuscript Leaf from Mauprat. Circa 1867. One sheet, measuring 7-3/4 by 12 inches, with writing on recto and verso. $2000.

Rough draft, in George Sand’s hand, of the climactic scene of the dramatization of Sand’s novel, Mauprat.

This two page manuscript written by George Sand is her dramatization of a key scene in the novel Mauprat. It occurs in chapter XXII: the female protagonist, Edmée, is shot, and the man who loves her, Bernard de Mauprat, is accused of the crime. The manuscript shows numerous edits. The novel was originally published in 1837, and the dramatization was published in 1867. Therefore, 1867 is the latest date for this manuscript’s composition, and it may have been written much earlier. “[George Sand] was not only an effortless writer: she was a born story-teller, with a lyrically descriptive style which could often carry off her most astonishing flights of imagination” (Harvey and Heseltine, 660). Text in French.

Fine condition.

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