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Typed letter signed


ROOSEVELT, Eleanor. Typed letter signed. Washington, D.C., 1937. Octavo, one leaf of White House stationary, measuring 6 by 9 inches, typing on recto, autograph response by recipient on verso. WITH: original typed, postmarked envelope. $1200.

Original typed letter, signed by Mrs. Roosevelt, warmly inviting Mr. and Mrs. Adolph of New York to the White House for Easter.

Typed on White House stationary and signed Eleanor Roosevelt, the letter was mailed from Tulsa, Oklahoma and is written to Mrs. Eleanor Adolph of Bear Mountain Park on Iona Island, New York. Dated March 16, 1937, it reads, "Dear Mrs. Adolph: Would you and Mr. Adolph like to / come to the White House for over Easter / Sunday and be here for the egg rolling on / Easter Monday? I thought you might like / to see it and also that you might enjoy a / trip to Washington. The weather should be / nice by that time. // I am off on a lecture trip but get / back on the 26th of March, and any word sent / to me at the White House will be forwarded / to me. // Looking forward to seeing you, // Very cordially yours, // [signed] Eleanor Roosevelt." An autograph response from Mrs. Adolph on the verso reads, "March, 21, // Dear Mrs. Roosevelt: // Your letter from Tulsa, of March /16th, just arrived here on the 20th / and I do trust that the long interval / before you receive my reply will / not have inconvenienced you. // I can't think of anything in the / world my husband and I should / love more to do than to spend Easter / Sunday at the White House and / see the egg-rolling on Monday. I / have never seen it but I have often / thot [sic] what a delightful introduction / to spring it is—not only for those / present but for the entire country since / everyone hears of it & sees pictures of it. // You can't conceive what a surprise your letter / was! To be remembered was such happiness and / now the very thot [sic] of actually seeing you again / so soon fills me with tiny pricks of impatience. / That, for me, will be Easter—an Easter / I shall never forget! // With all of our devotion // Eleanor B. Adolph."

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