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ROBESPIERRE, Maximilien. Document signed. Nice, France, 1 Messidor [1792]. Print document finished in a secretarial hand, measuring 7-1/2 by 10 inches; mounted and framed, entire piece measures 8-3/4 by 11 inches, with original red wax seal. $3500.

Original 1792 print document finished in a secretarial hand authorizing payment to an army general, signed by Robespierre.

Dated "Nice, 1 Messidor [the 10th month of the calendar of the First French Republic, 1792]," this printed document finished in a secretarial hand gives an order to pay an army general the sum of 1500 livres. The document features the words "Égalité" and "Liberté" at the top and emphasizes that the document is in the name of the people of France. This document also bears the original red wax seal. Countersigned by Antoine Pierre Dutramblay. Later red stamp near signature.

Signature bold and clean, only light wear to document which is mounted on heavier paper. Near-fine condition.

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