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RAND, Ayn. Atlas Shrugged. New York: Random House, (1957). Thick octavo, original green cloth, original dust jacket.

First edition, later printing, of one of the most popular and influential novels of the last 50 years, inscribed "To R— H— Cordially Ayn Rand 6/28/66."

"From 1943 until its publication in 1957, [Rand] worked on the book that many say is her masterpiece, Atlas Shrugged. This novel describes how a genius named John Galt grows weary of supporting a society of ungrateful parasites and one day simply shrugs and walks away. He becomes an inspiration to like-minded men and women, all of whom eventually follow his example, until society, in its agony, calls them back to responsibility and respect. Again [as with Rand's novel The Fountainhead in 1943] reviews were unsympathetic, and again people bought the book" (ANB). By 1984 more than five million copies of Atlas Shrugged had been sold, and in a 1991 Library of Congress survey Americans named it second only to the Bible as the book that had most influenced their lives. First edition, "eighth printing" stated on copyright page. In first-issue dust jacket, with price of $6.95 and date code "10/57" on front flap. Perinn A4a. The date of Rand's inscription is June 28, 1966, which was the time of a New York City lecture in the Basic Principles of Objectivism course that had been developed in the late 1950s by Nathaniel Branden and was based on her philosophy. "Rand participated frequently in the question periods for the course and was closely involved in its development… She delivered some of the lectures" in the 1960s (Companion to Ayn Rand, 32).

Book fine: light expert restoration to dust jacket.

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