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PYNCHON, Thomas. Set of 6 chapbooks: Mortality and Mercy in Vienna, Low-Lands, The Secret Integration, The Small Rain, Entropy, and A Journey into the Mind of Watts. London and Troy Town: Aloes, Tristero, and Mouldwarp, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1982, and 1983. Six volumes. Octavo, original pictorial papers wrappers.

Wonderful collection of six chapbooks—all unauthorized printings—of Thomas Pynchon stories and essays, in original pictorial wrappers.

The six chapbooks in this collection are: Mortality and Mercy in Vienna (1976, orig. 1959), Low-Lands (1978, orig. 1960), The Secret Integration (1980, orig. 1959), The Small Rain (1982, orig. 1959), Entropy (1983, orig. 1960), and A Journey into the Mind of Watts (1983, orig. 1966). The "author of some of the most seminal, mysterious and generally difficult works of 20th century fiction" (Time), Pynchon began his career writing stories and essays. These reflect Pynchon's early efforts to become a serious writer. Published prior to V., The Crying of Lot 49, and Gravity's Rainbow, they reveal some of the themes and stylistic idiosyncrasies that would come to define Pynchon's work. While five of the six chapbooks are stories, also included is a chapbook of the essay, A Journey into the Mind of Watts, which concentrates on the 1965 Watts riots. Second unauthorized printing of Mortality and Morality, with rough wrappers. Second unauthorized printing of Entropy, with photographic montage on wrappers. Mead C1b, C2, C3, C4b, C5, and C6.

Very nearly fine condition.

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