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MICHENER, James. Ventures in Editing. Huntington Beach, California: James Cahill, 1995. Octavo, original gray cloth, original slipcase.

Signed limited first edition, letter B of 26 deluxe lettered copies (out of a total edition of 224 copies) signed by James Michener and with his red stamp.

Ventures in Editing "seeks to accomplish only one thing: to allow the reader to watch how a writer, in this case me, composes a manuscript that says with great accuracy everything I wanted to say at that moment." To that end, the book presents two articles by Michener, "My Advice to Young America" and "The Writer and His Machine," each in two different versions: the author's first draft and the final, edited copy. Though there were to be 274 numbered copies in addition to the lettered copies, only 148 were actually signed; 50 proof copies of the lettered edition were printed in addition to the 26 actual lettered copies.

Fine condition.

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