No. 6 Front View of the Residency

Clifford Henry MECHAM

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No. 6 Front View of the Residency


(INDIA) MECHAM, Clifford Henry. No. 6 Front View of the Residency. London: Day & Son, [1858]. Folio, image measures 14 by 9 inches, matted and framed; entire piece measures 22 by 18 inches. $600.

Fine hand-colored lithograph from Mecham's classic work on the Indian uprising of 1857, depicting the front of the battered residency at Lucknow, framed.

Mecham, an army lieutenant, was stationed at the garrison at Lucknow during the 87-day siege by the mutinous native Indian troops. The entrenchments surrounding this building covered some 60 acres of ground and included a number of detached houses and buildings knit together by ditches and stockades. The garrison consisted of 1720 fighting men, most of which were British officers and infantry. During the siege the strength of the garrison diminished to 982, and many of these were sick and wounded; against these were arrayed 6000 trained soldiers. For nearly three months their heavy guns and musketry had poured fire into the residency entrenchment from a distance of only 50 yards, until finally a relieving force entered Lucknow and rescued the garrison. The 17 plates of Mecham's book—of which this is one—were produced from Mecham's original sketches made during the siege, and depict both interior and exterior views of the battered residency and the surrounding fortifications. Overall dimension of plates approximately 14 by 22 inches, on heavy stock.

Fine condition, an attractive framed piece.

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