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Document signed
Document signed
Document signed


LINCOLN, Abraham. Engraved document signed. Washington, DC: March 19, 1862. Folio, single sheet (15-1/2 by 19 inches), partially printed and accomplished by secretarial hand, with two engraved vignettes of an emblematic eagle and nautical motifs, with embossed green paper seal. Finely framed, entire piece measures 23-1/2 by 27 inches.

Fine Lincoln document signed as President, appointing Alexander M.C. Bishop as Assistant Paymaster to the Navy during the Civil War, countersigned by Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy, with fragile embossed paper seal present.

When Gideon Welles became Secretary of the Navy he was immediately faced with the loss of more than half of the officer corps—over 300 of whom either resigned or were dismissed as disloyal. Welles moved quickly to expand the navy, first by initiating a river fleet that would assist in the internal blockade of the Confederacy, and then by purchasing merchant vessels that could be converted rapidly into fighting ships. Also countersigned by William P. Moran. Naval appointments signed by Lincoln are far more scarce than other military appointments.

Document with a bit of spotting and toning. Lincoln's signature bold and fine. An excellent framed piece.

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