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LINCOLN, Abraham. Engraved document signed. Washington, July 25, 1863. Single vellum sheet (15-1/2 by 19-1/2 inches), partially printed and finished in a secretarial hand, embossed blue paper seal; floated, matted, and framed with Lincoln portraits, entire piece measures 35 by 31 inches.

Splendid Lincoln Civil War document appointing Thomas M. Vincent as "Captain in the Second Regiment of Artillery," countersigned by Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War, with fragile paper seal present, beautifully matted and framed with two photographic portraits of Lincoln.

The Second Artillery was organized by an act of Congress in 1821. "In the early days of the regiment it served as infantry; occasionally, in the Florida War, serving light field pieces. In the Mexican War the foot batteries served as infantry, and at Vera Cruz and Chapultepec served siege artillery. In the Civil War all the batteries in active service were mounted, and all those serving continuously with the Army of the Potomac became horse batteries" (Lt. W.A. Simpson). Thomas M. Vincent is promoted to captain in this commission. Vincent was a career military officer whose most notable Civil War service occurred during the rebellion in the Army of North-Eastern Virginia, at Bull Run, and during his time with the 2nd Artillery (from which he resigned in 1864). This commission is handsomely engraved with two military vignettes, one of an emblematic eagle and the other an army motif with crossed flags, cannon, and other accoutrements of war. Docketed in red ink in upper left-hand corner.

Expected creases from folding. Fine condition.

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