We Proceeded On: The Official Publication of the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

Meriwether LEWIS   |   William CLARK

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LEWIS AND CLARK TRAIL HERITAGE FOUNDATION. We Proceeded On. The Official Publication of the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc. Volumes I-XXV; XXVI, No. 4; XXVII, No. 1, 3, & 4; XXVIII, No. 2-4; XXIX-XXXI, No. 1; Special Publications No. 1-11. [Great Falls, Montana]: The Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Winter 1974-February 2005. Volumes I-XXV and Special Publications bound as eight volumes; remaining volumes unbound. Quarto, modern black cloth. $1800.

Substantial run of the only scholarly journal dedicated to the Lewis and Clark Expedition, with thousands of articles and hundreds of illustrations, half tones, and maps.

A fascinating collection that shows the genesis of We Proceeded On from its earliest days as a quarterly newsletter for Lewis & Clark aficionados to its current incarnation as a respected members-only scholarly journal dedicated to the “education, preservation, promotion, and coordination” of the history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. It “has been publishing monographs about the expedition for more than a quarter century and has a great number of articles about individual aspects of the journey-from mosquitoes to clothing to firearms to the different types of canoes” (Dayton Duncan). Particular highlights of this collection include: a special ornithological issue (Volume XX, No. 2-3); unbound color plates of Lewis’s woodpecker and Clark’s nutcracker (Special Publication No. 7); a two-part article entitled “Crime and Punishment on the Lewis and Clark Expedition” (Volume XV, No. 2-3); an analysis of the newly discovered documents of Meriwether Lewis (Volume XIII, No. 4); an article on the Lewis' death by the late scholar Paul Russell Cutright (Volume XI, No. 1); a discussion of Sacajawea’s many roles (Volume XIX, No. 1); and multiple groundbreaking articles on the highly contentious issue of the name of Lewis’ pet Newfoundland. The following are paper plate photo-offset reproductions of the originals, released by the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation during the 1970s or early 1980s: Volumes I, No. 1-4; II, No. 4; IV, No. 1; VI, No. 1 & 2.

A desirable collection in fine condition.

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