Megillat Esther (Scroll of Esther)


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(JUDAICA). Megillat Esther [Scroll of Esther]. No place, circa 1900. Large oblong parchment scroll framed, scroll measures 14 inches by 47 inches, in manuscript on one side; entire framed piece measures 19 by 52 inches.

Handsomely framed manuscript scroll of the biblical Book of Esther, the story of the salvation of the Jews of the Persian Empire, traditionally read in synagogues on the holiday of Purim.

The ritual requirements for Esther scrolls require that they be written by hand on parchment. The present scroll, made up of three joined skins and penned by three scribal hands, dates to the late 19th or possibly early 20th century. It was certainly read during many Purim holidays, as evidenced by repairs to the parchment.

The scroll is no longer fit for ritual use, but makes for an attractive framed piece.

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