Pure Logic and Other Minor Works

William Stanley JEVONS

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JEVONS, William Stanley. Pure Logic and Other Minor Works. London: Macmillan, 1890. Octavo, original russet cloth, uncut and partially unopened.

First edition of this collection of Jevons’ essays on logic.

This work consists of two separate groups of essays. The first is composed of essays on logic that were published individually during the course of Jevons' life, such as Pure Logic, Substitution of Similars, and Principles of Science, while the second group contains such portions of a critical analysis of John Stuart Mill's philosophy as were complete at the time of Jevons' accidental drowning in 1882. "In the opinion of Professor Alfred Marshall, the great body of Jevons' economic work 'will probably be found to have more constructive force than any save that of Ricardo that has been done during the last hundred years.' As a logician, he sought with considerable success to advance, as well as defend, the position taken up by Boole, and to establish the applicability of his theory of reasoning to all branches of scientific inquiry" (DNB).

Half title with some embrowning and repair to gutter edge.

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