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HAMILTON, Alexander. The Works of Alexander Hamilton. New York and London: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1904. Twelve volumes. Octavo, original dark green morocco gilt, raised bands, red morocco doublures, marbled endpapers, top edges gilt, uncut. $8500.

“Connoisseur’s Federal Edition,” number 3 of only 400 sets, the definitive Works of Hamilton, containing The Federalist, extensive correspondence, and key state papers by the founding father whose pivotal works crafted “a clear and prescient vision of America’s future political, military, and economic strength” (Ron Chernow).

Praised by Theodore Roosevelt as "'the most brilliant American statesman who ever lived… Alexander Hamilton was the supreme double threat among the founding fathers, at once thinker and doer, sparkling theoretician and masterful executive. He and Madison were the prime movers behind the summoning of the Constitutional Convention… [and] as first treasury secretary and principal architect of the new government, Hamilton took constitutional principles and fused them with expansive life… No other founder articulated such a clear and prescient vision of America's future political, military and economic strength… He was the pivotal force in four consecutive presidential elections… leaving copious commentary on virtually every salient issue of the day" (Chernow, 4-5). "Alexander Hamilton was one of the most brilliant men of his brilliant time, and one of the most fascinating figures in all of American history… His importance to the founding of the new nation, and thus the whole course of American history can hardly be overstated" (David McCullough). Henry Cabot Lodge edited this definitive edition of Hamilton's works, which first appeared in 1885 and includes the full text of The Federalist, Hamilton's landmark financial proposals, extensive correspondence, and the controversial Reynolds pamphlet, in which Hamilton rebuts charges of political corruption but admits to an adulterous affair.

Interiors fine; spines uniformly toned to brown. A fine, handsome set.

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