Proud Shoshone warrior with peace pipe (bronze sculpture)

Richard Vernon GREEVES

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Proud Shoshone warrior with peace pipe (bronze sculpture)


GREEVES, Richard Vernon. Proud Shoshone warrior with peace pipe. Wind River Reservation, Wyoming, circa 1975. Original bronze, measuring 19 by 6-1/2 by 5 inches, rich, deep patina. $3000.

Original limited casting, number 19 of only 24 pieces, signed in the cast.

As a young man, Richard Greeves’ interest in Western exploration led him to read the journals of Lewis and Clark. Entranced by the details of this great expedition, he became intent to learn about Native Americans, and at age 15 he befriended a Shoshone girl who invited him to visit the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, where Lewis and Clark’s Shoshone guide, Sacajawea, is buried. From this first visit he decided to make a home among the Indians who had so graciously welcomed him socially, culturally and spiritually (he has lived with the Shoshones and Arapahos ever since). “Deriving a strong background of artistic craftsmanship from his Italian heritage, Greeves portrays through sculpture the character and spiritual essence of the people and animals of his chosen homeland” (Borsini-Burr Galleries). “There is a magic,” he states, “a mysticism for me here that I really can’t explain. I just feel it… In my work I’m just trying in my meager way to bridge this civilization with ones that come after us.” This 1970s bronze sculpture of a Shoshone warrior captures his character magnificently. Greeves’ work has been shown in such prestigious exhibits as the Prix de West and the Masters of the American West.

Fine condition.

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