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GOODMAN, Benny. Original publicity photograph, inscribed. New York: Music Corporation of America, circa 1938. Sepia-tone glossy print, measuring 8 by 10 inches.

Vintage photograph of Goodman, clarinet raised before a CBS microphone, inscribed: “To Bob, Benny Goodman.”

"Goodman's legacy… was as a jazz musician. Although the idea of the jazz-based swing band was not original with Goodman, he was the one who found the form that brought it to great popularity: relatively simple, straightforward arrangements played with swing and excellent musicianship. He was, additionally, one of the finest improvisers in jazz history, and his small group recordings are among the treasures of jazz. And finally, his willingness to break the color line in the band business had enormous consequences for American society" (ANB). The famous clarinetist "could translate whatever came into his head directly into the clarinet. He breathed and talked on the instrument to the point where the clarinet seemed to disappear and all you heard was Benny" (Askew). From 1936 to 1939, Goodman headlined the CBS radio broadcast Camel Caravan.

Only single tiny mark to background. Near-fine condition.

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