Tunnel Thru the Air

William D. GANN

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Tunnel Thru the Air


GANN, William D. The Tunnel Thru the Air or Looking Back from 1940. New York: Financial Guardian, (1927). Octavo, original orange cloth. $850.

First edition of this inspirational novel by legendary Wall Street trader William D. Gann.

Gann devotees believe that there is a secret of market prognostication hidden in this book that will reveal itself after repeated reading. Some evidently believe it to be the so-called "time factor," which can be understood by analyzing specific industries and commodities, such as steel or cotton, in order to discern the most minute trends and to predict probable future behavior of stocks. Others, however, believe that the secret Gann alludes to in the Foreword is a religious one grounded in his unshakeable Baptist beliefs. Whatever the case, Gann foresaw The Great Stock Market Crash; predicted an air war with Japan in this novel, more than ten years before World War II; and made over $50 million dollars trading on Wall Street in a career spanning 40 years, suggesting that his observations of the world were at least more accurate than most. Without scarce original dust jacket.

Fine condition.

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