Cent Dessins

Claude FARRERE   |   Pierre LOTI

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Cent Dessins
Cent Dessins


(LOTI, Pierre) FARRERE, Claude. Cent Dessins de Pierre Loti. (Tours): Arrault, (1948). Quarto, original printed paper self-wrappers. $1100.

Limited illustrated edition of Farrère's selection of 100 of Loti’s drawings made while traveling in remote regions of the world, warmly inscribed at length and signed by Farrère.

Pierre Loti, born Julien Viaud, traveled the world as a French naval officer for 30 years, winning "his very considerable reputation" as the author of nearly 40 novels and travel books. "His greatest successes were gained in the species of confession, half-way between fact and fiction, which he essayed in his earlier books… Pierre Loti remains one of the most original and most perfect French writers of the second half of the 19th century" (Britannica, 11th ed.). This posthumous collection of Loti's drawings and sketches amply demonstrates that he was a talented draftsman as well, with a keen eye. The inscription reads: "Pour Roger Noël, avec toute ma profonde affection, Farrère. 1949. (Je n'ai pas connu ce Loti la, celui des années 1869-1886… Hélas! Je ne suis né qu'en 1876, le jour même que Loti (p. 127) faisait à Toulon les exercices de clown au Cirque Etrusque… Et je n'ai vu de mes yeux qu'en 1903… Loti, celui de 53 ans… Et toute ça… comme c'est loin, cher Roger—) Toi C.F." [With my profound affection, Farrère. (I did not know this Loti, of the years 1869-86… Alas! I was not born until 1876, the same day that Loti attended in Toulon a performance of the Etruscan Circus… And I did not see him with my own eyes until 1903… Loti, of 53 years… and all that… remote as that is, dear Roger.)] The circus Farrère mentions and Loti's presence there is described on page 127. This is an hors commerce copy (No. 4) from a total edition of 2500 copies. Text in French.

About-fine condition.

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