Slavery Debates

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Slavery Debates
Slavery Debates


FOGEL, Robert William. The Slavery Debates, 1952-1990. A Retrospective. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, (2003). Octavo, original black cloth, original dust jacket. $500.

First edition of Nobel laureate Fogel's critically praised overview of scholarship on slavery, a major "guide to one of the stormiest but also the most fruitful chapters in the development of American historical writing," inscribed on the half title in the year of publication by him (excepting the signature of "Enid"), "To Don, Affectionately, Enid and Bob, Chicago, 11/25/03."

Awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize in Economics with Douglas Hall, in Slavery Debates Robert Fogel "offers a unique insight into what has been going on in the field of slavery over the past half century and what it has achieved. Anyone doubting how the view we take of the past can affect how we regard the present would do well to start here" (London Times Literary Supplement). Fogel's earlier controversial work on the economics of slavery, Time on the Cross (1974) won praise for attacking "the methods and conclusions of traditional scholarship" on American slavery (New York Times). Here Fogel returns to the subject, framing "his 'debates' in terms of a continuing struggle to repudiate the interpretive legacy of Ulrich B. Phillips, whose American Negro Slavery (1918) set the tone of slavery scholarship for more than a generation before being thoroughly rebutted by Kenneth M. Stampp in The Peculiar Institution (1956)" (Journal of American History). Slavery Debates is an important "guide to one of the stormiest but also most fruitful chapters in the development of American historical writing" (Claremont Review of Books). With "First Printing" on copyright page.

A fine inscribed copy.

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