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CHURCHILL, Winston S. Post-War Speeches by Winston S. Churchill. Edited by Randolph S. Churchill. The Sinews of Peace; Europe Unite; In the Balance; Stemming the Tide; The Unwritten Alliance. London: Cassell, (1948-61). Five volumes in all. Octavo, modern three-quarter navy morocco gilt, raised bands, top edges gilt.

First editions, forming a complete set of Churchill’s post-war speeches.

Includes the bulk of Churchill's speeches between late 1945, when he was voted out of the office of Prime Minister and became the leader of the opposition party in Parliament, through his second premiership of 1951-1955, up to 1959, when he gave his last public speech. Toward the end of the Second World War and after, Churchill increasingly advocated that Europe enter the approaching Cold War era as a united and resolute voice. "As Britain's Empire has shrunk, her economic situation become aggravated and her military power abridged, thoughtful people have come to see that her place in the world can only be regained by the triple policy of Empire unity, fraternal association with the United States, and the assumption by Britain of a leading role in promoting the unity of Europe." The speeches included in these volumes consider these topics among others and trace the development of Churchill's call for European unity through the abatement of socialist party power in Britain's parliament, the start of the Korean War, rising tensions in the Middle East, and the establishment of NATO. These volumes received only one printing each, making them exceptionally scarce; unlike his War Speeches, the Post-War Speeches never appeared as a collected set. The final volume, The Unwritten Alliance, was the last of Churchill's books printed in his lifetime. Cohen A241, A246, A255, A264, A273. Woods A124, A128, A130, A137, A142. Langworth, 283-86, 294-97, 300-302, 308-11, 337-39.

Fine condition.

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