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CARTIER-BRESSON, Henri. Cartier-Bresson’s France. New York: Viking, (1971). Quarto, original white paper-covered boards, original dust jacket. $250.

First American edition of Cartier-Bresson’s images of the French, with 265 splendid photogravures, among which are his first published photographs in color. From the library of Peter Turnley.

“Regarded by the French as a national treasure, mentioned as a touchstone in almost every article in the popular photographic press, emulated by legions of photographers, Cartier-Bresson has delighted and informed millions with his photographs” (Claude Cookman). “He has a special interest in photographing people and in capturing the essence of what has not previously been seen. He is famous for his theory of the ‘decisive moment’-that is seizing the split second when the subject stands revealed in its most significant aspect… Today he ranks as one of the most important and influential photographers of this century” (Blodgett, 96). First published in 1970 in French, Cartier-Bresson’s portrait of his native land and its people “mingles passion with astringent wit and acute perception.” In his own words, “I am neither an economist nor a photographer of monuments, and I am not much of a journalist either. What I am trying to do more than anything else is to observe life.” See Roth, 20; Parr & Badger I:208. From the collection of Peter Turnley, acclaimed photojournalist for Newsweek, Life and Harper’s Magazine, who has covered “almost every important international news event of the last 15 years” (New York Times).

Fine condition.

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