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ATWOOD, Margaret. The Testaments. (Toronto): McClelland & Stewart, (2019). Octavo, original navy paper boards, floral endpapers, original dust jacket. $800.

First edition, preferred Canadian edition, of Atwood's much-anticipated sequel to The Handmaid's Tale, signed by Atwood on publisher's tipped-in leaf, with original bookbag issued on day of publication, a fine copy.

"Testaments, Atwood's compelling sequel to Handmaid's Tale… is a kind of spy thriller about a mole inside Gilead… Atwood's sheer assurance as a storyteller makes for a fast, immersive narrative." To Atwood, Offred, in Handmaid's Tale, spoke and acted in "the tradition of 'the literature of witness'… the very act of writing or recording one's experiences, Atwood argues, is 'an act of hope'" (New York Times). In Testaments, set 15 years after Handmaid's Tale, Offred's rebellion has become legendary and "Handmaids are never far from the minds and stories of the three narrators," Agnes Jemima, Daisy and Aunt Lydia (Wired). "The breakthrough of Testaments lies… in the way it solves a problem that Handmaid's Tale created. We were all so busy imagining ourselves as Handmaids that we failed to see that we might be Aunts… doing what anyone would do" (New Yorker). First edition, first printing, preferred Canadian edition: issued simultaneously with first American and English editions. One of an unspecified limited number of first printings issued on day of publication with original bookbag (this copy) or label pin.

In fine condition.

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