Spring 2022 Catalogue

New Acquisitions Spring 2022 – 33 – Bauman Rare Books Important 1698 Edition Of Locke’s Two Treatises Of Government 37. LOCKE, John. Two Treatises of Government. London, 1698. Octavo, contemporary paneled dark brown calf. $16,500. Third edition of Locke’s classic Two Treatises of Government—“credited with great influence on American constitutionalism”—an excellent copy in contemporary paneled calf. Locke’s Two Treatises is “a classic example of the empirical approach to social and political economy which has remained ever since the basis of the principles of democracy” (PMM 163). “The First Treatise was devoted to a refutation of the theory of divine right monarchy expounded by Filmer in his Patriarcha, published in 1680. In his Second Treatise, Locke presented his positive views on the origins of the social order. Civil society and government, Locke argued, were founded on an original social compact entered into by autonomous individuals in a state of nature. The powers of government, Locke contended, were limited by the authority granted by the free consent of the individuals subscribing to the social compact. Locke’s Second Treatise has been credited with great influence on American constitutionalism” (Covenanted People 37). Locke especially “underpinned all of Jefferson’s political thought” (Randall, 205). First issued in 1690 from the same publishers in an almost unobtainable edition; the 1694 second edition is also difficult to find. Bound without rear blank. Yolton 31. Evidence of bookplate. Interior generally clean, page 136 with a faint impression, still legible, expert restoration to joints and extremities. An exceptionally good copy, scarce and desirable in expertly restored contemporary calf. Being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions.”