Spring 2022 Catalogue

New Acquisitions Spring 2022 – 17 – Bauman Rare Books “Perhaps The Most Important Landmark In Doré’s Career” 19. (DORÉ, Gustave). TheHoly Bible.With Illustrations byGustaveDoré. London and New York, circa 1867. Two volumes. Thick folio, contemporary full brown morocco. $7000. One of the earliest editions in English (all undated) of Gustave Doré’s great folio Bible, splendidly illustrated by him with 238 full-page wood-engravings and handsomely bound in fine contemporary full morocco. “In the 1870s, The Doré Bible was perhaps the most treasured (and expensive) book in the world” (Malan, 81). Certainly, it proved a milestone in Doré’s career. “Its original reception was truly remarkable… A second edition of the Bible was called for almost at once… Editions appeared in almost every European country… One of the first off the mark was an English edition from Cassell, Petter and Galpin, 1867. This caused an even greater sensation than the French edition, and the demand among collectors for any and everything by Doré was clamorous” (Muir, 224). Because of demand, a number of editions in English saw print between 1867 and 1903 in a variety of formats, none of which were dated on the title page. This set is among the earliest editions, in that it contains 238 plates (later editions had only 205) and is in the large format of 12 by 15 inches. With separate title pages for Apocrypha and New Testament. Malan, 239. Herbert 1977. Owner name stamped in gilt on front covers (Caroline Miller). Fine condition. A splendid and desirable copy of this monumental illustrated edition.