Spring 2022 Catalogue

New Acquisitions Spring 2022 – 14 – Bauman Rare Books “They May Be The Last Word Upon The War” 15. CHURCHILL, Winston. Collection of World War II speeches: Into Battle, (1941); The Unrelenting Struggle, (1942); The End of the Beginning, (1943); Onwards to Victory, (1944); The Dawn of Liberation, (1945); Victory, (1946), Secret Session Speeches, (1946). London, 1941-46. Seven volumes bound in six. Octavo, modern threequarter green morocco gilt. $4500. First editions of Churchill’s separately published World War II speeches. Churchill’s speeches “constitute a contemporary history of the war which is as lively as it is authoritative; and, so far as contemporary history is of value, they may be said to be the last word upon the war” (Randolph S. Churchill). With 50 half-tone photographic plates, including frontispieces. Fine condition. “This Is Not History: This Is My Case” 16. CHURCHILL, Winston. The Second World War. London, 1948-54. Six volumes. Octavo, modern three-quarter red morocco gilt. $3500. First English editions of Churchill’sWWII masterpiece, part history and part memoir, written after he lost reelection as Prime Minister, handsomely bound. The six volumes of Churchill’s masterpiece were published separately between 1948 and 1954. “The Second World War is a great work of literature, combining narrative, historical imagination and moral precept in a form that bears comparison with that of the original master chronicler, Thucydides. It was wholly appropriate that in 1953 Churchill was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature” (Keegan, 175). Although preceded by the American editions, the English editions are generally preferred for their profusion of diagrams, maps, and facsimile documents. Cohen A240.4. Woods A123b. Minor spotting to fore-edges only of Volumes I and II. A handsome set in fine condition. “In the dark days and darker nights when England stood alone—and most men save Englishmen despaired of England's life—he mobilized the English language and sent it into battle.”—John F. Kennedy