February 2022 Catalogue

Exceptional Presidential Pardon Signed By Abraham Lincoln, Pardoning A Man Convicted Of Manslaughter While Warning Away A Mob Harassing An African-American Boy 37. LINCOLN, Abraham. Manuscript pardon signed. Washington, June 18, 1861. One wove leaf, measuring 21 by 17 inches, written on both sides, presidential seal intact. $35,000. Click for more info Manuscript pardon boldly signed by Abraham Lincoln and countersigned by Secretary of State William H. Seward, granting clemency to Benjamin Ogle, who had served three years of an eightyear prison term for manslaughter, after shooting to death a tenyear-old boy named John Webb of Georgetown in 1858. Webb was one of a group of young boys that had been harassing and throwing stones at an African-American boy. Ogle, whose house stood nearby, emerged with his gun, warned the white boys away, and then shot once, hitting Webb in the back of his head and killing him. “The power to grant presidential pardons, contained in Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution, has been directly related to— if not the critical feature of—some of the most salient political events in our nation’s history including: the Whiskey Rebellion, Fries Rebellion, the Alien-Sedition Acts, the presidential election of 1800, the Aaron Burr conspiracy trial, the War Between the States, and Reconstruction… The use of clemency powers has played a major role in the development of criminal law’s recognition of an insanity defense, self-defense, and compulsion” (P.S. Ruckman, Jr.). During his presidency, Abraham Lincoln demonstrated this presidential prerogative 343 times. With embossed presidential Great Seal. Countersigned by Secretary of State William H. Seward; docketed on verso. Near-fine condition, with only minor expert paper repairs along three folds. February 2022 – 38 – Bauman Rare Books