February 2022 Catalogue

Faraday’s First Two Landmark Papers On Electrical Induction 22. FARADAY, Michael. “Experimental Researches in Electricity” and “The Bakerian Lecture—Experimental Researches in Electricity—Second Series.” IN: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. For the Year MDCCCXXXII. Part I. London, 1832. Quarto, modern half navy morocco gilt. $11,000. Click for more info Scarce first edition—preceding their appearance in the first collected edition by seven years—of Faraday’s first two groundbreaking papers in electrical research, illustrated with two engraved plates. “One of the greatest physicists of the 19th century and one of the finest experimenters of all time,” Faraday made significant contributions to “our knowledge of the nature and potentialities of electricity… He enunciated his theory of ‘lines’ or ‘tubes’ of magnetic force which was the starting point for the revolutionary theories of Clerk Maxwell and later of Einstein… [His discoveries] laid the foundation of the modern electrical industry—electric light and power, telephony, wireless telegraphy, television, etc.” (PMM 308). This volume contains (on pages 125-194) the first two of 29 papers Faraday published in Philosophical Transactions between 1832 and 1852; the first is widely hailed as Faraday’s greatest, as it sets forth his breakthrough discovery of electromagnetic induction. Mottelay, 484. A fine copy, handsomely bound. Scarce. “Faraday is, and must always remain, the father of that enlarged science of electro-magnetism.”—James Clerk Maxwell February 2022 – 24 – Bauman Rare Books