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things have counted among the most significant forces in the world”

(Baugh et al., 498). “Spenser seems to have aimed at nothing less than

a comprehensive depiction of 16th-century England, physically, intel-

lectually and morally” (

Fantasy and Horror

2–53). Volume I was first

published in 1590; the second edition of Volume I was issued with the

first publication of Volume II in 1596. Although a reprint of the first

edition, this edition of Volume I differs from the first in that it appears

without the Ignoto and Twenty-five complimentary sonnets, and the

last five stanzas have been rewritten and appear as three stanzas; this

edition does, however, contain many alterations for which Spenser

himself was responsible. Text generally clean. A few leaves trimmed

a little close along upper edge, just touching running title; leaf Cc1 in

Volume I remargined, not affecting text; minor marginal paper repairs

to R3 and R5 in Volume I and A2, A3 in Volume II. Morocco-gilt bind-

ing fine. A lovely copy.

“… a cruell craftie Crocodile

Which in false griefe hyding his

harmefull guile,

Doth weepe full sore, and

sheddeth tender teares.”