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hese are the books that have changed societies and

toppled governments. We’re proud to offer you the op-

portunity to add the landmarks of counterculture to your col-


The Catcher in the Rye, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s




Nineteen Eighty-Four;

or to preserve a Sendak

book many people would prefer pulled from the shelves; or

to own a copy of the first book to allow Soviets a glimpse in-

side the gulags. Of course we also offer a fine representative

selection of great and controversial works. Through centuries

of social and artistic protest, from the 1582 first Roman Catho-

lic New Testament, in English, through the works of Jonathan

Swift, Karl Marx, Thomas Paine, and Mark Twain. Collecting

banned books is about protecting important ideas; we believe

every great collection contains some—often many—banned

books. H.L. Menken said, “The most dangerous man to any

government is the man who is about to think things out.” Being

a little dangerous can be a good thing.


burned, &